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BIOLAND Verband für organisch-biologischen Landbau e.V.

BIOLAND, founded in 1971, is now Germany´s largest organic farmers association, counting today more than 2700 members all over Germany. They are farming an area of about 85 000 ha according to BIOLAND guidelines. These guidelines are based upon the research of Dr. Müller and Dr. Rusch in the first half of this century. They called their method organic-biological farming. BIOLAND continuously maintained, adapted and developed this method, so that it now includes all aspects of a modern ecological agricultural production, animal husbandry as well as food processing. It even spans further to specialties, i.e. bee keeping, sweet water fish production and others.

Our BIOLAND farmers are producing a wide range of typical agricultural produce such as grain, vegetables, fruit, honey, hops, wine, milk, meat etc. This produce is either marketed directly to the consumer via markets, shops on the farm, direct delivery or on a regional basis directly to trade partners. Furthermore it is marketed via contract partners. BIOLAND presently counts as partners 178 bakeries, 33 butchers, 19 dairies, 29 grain mills, 10 breweries, 12 fruit juice producers and 48 other miscellaneous processors. Therefore in addition to the staple produce from the farm, BIOLAND can offer a comprehensive line of products, i.e. cereals, bread and all kinds of pastries, noodles and pasta, all dairy products, meat products, beer, juices etc.

The name BIOLAND also is a well known registered trademark. All our members and partners, bound by contract and certified from BIOLAND, are able to use this mark and label their products in marketing. This mark signals the special BIOLAND quality to customers, a trademark they can trust.
Ever since BIOLAND was founded it has secured this special quality through a broad controlling and inspection system. BIOLAND farms and partners are controlled on a regular basis. In addition to controlling the BIOLAND guidelines, our inspection bodies are controlling according to EC council regulation EEC 2092/91, since it has been implemented in 1991.

To obtain further information, please contact:

BIOLAND Bundesverband
Kaiserstr. 18
55116 Mainz
Tel.: 06131/239 79-0
Fax: -27

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